raw vegan rejuvenation

The Raw Reset is a 4-week raw vegan support program to help you live a vibrant healthy life.
Go to personalized food plan

personalized food plan

You receive a plan based on your goals, calorie needs and health issues. It guides you in what to eat each day and gives you options to fit your needs. It includes a workbook to help you succeed in your journey.

Go to Support Group

Support Group

You will have access to an exclusive private facebook group where you will join with the other Resetters for help and support.

Go to specialized content

specialized content

In the facebook group, you will receive daily specialized content for your group. Learn the skills you need to be successful in your personal health journey.

Weekly Q+A

Every week Tanny will come on live to answer your questions and give you extra support and cheerleading. You’ve got this!

Extra Bonus!


You will also receive an ecopy of Do Different. Get Different., a guided journal to help you track your successes on your journey, AND Dressing For Any Occasion, an ebook guide for making the perfect dressing every time.

Start your journey to vibrant health.

Hey Y’ALL, my name is tanny.

Moving to a Low-Fat Raw Vegan diet changed my life completely.

I have worked with hundreds of individuals on health and nutrition through my mentorship program. Before my change to a LFRV lifestyle, I, like countless others, suffered from a host of health issues— from lethargy and brain fog to IBS. I lost 86 pounds, cleared my skin, and even changed my eye color on a low fat, high carb raw vegan diet and lifestyle.


During the Raw Reset, I share my tips and strategies for feeling better by eating the right foods for you. You will be guided through my philosophy, to take in “Everything you need. Nothing you don’t,” so that you fall in love with food (the way I did) and empower yourself to make the change from feeling drab, tired, ill, and unworthy to alive, healthy, vibrant, and free.

Spots are limited! Sign up today. $299 for 4 weeks of intensive support and education on living freely and healthfully through whole food.